Bridge to College transition courses provide high school seniors with a dynamic way to prepare for success in college-level work.

The Situation
More than one-third of graduating high school seniors are unprepared for the rigor of higher education. These students will be required to enroll in pre-college courses once they enter college, which will cost them time and money and decrease their chances of graduating with a degree.
How Bridge to College transition courses can help change those odds.
Washington state is offering students a new way to prepare for college. 
Through Bridge to College transition courses, students engage in a different approach to learning math and English language arts. The courses offer students an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college-level work. Students who earn a B grade or above in a Bridge to College transition course will be eligible for automatic placement into an appropriate college-level math and/or English at all participating Washington higher-education institutions (currently all of the community and technical colleges plus Eastern Washington University). Learn more.