Launching the Bridge to College Courses in Math and English

[Dawn Draus, Lower Columbia College, and Deb Gribskov, Kelso School District, co-leading a session for a group of math teachers at the August training event]

Close to 275 teachers gathered in Wenatchee August 5 through 7 to meet with the Bridge to College project leadership and Course Trainers and get an in-depth introduction to the course materials in preparation for teaching the courses starting this fall. Over 2 1/2 days teachers reviewed and worked through their courses, working frequently in their small local teams called Communities of Practice (CoPs). These CoPs provide the foundation for the professional learning structure designed to support the teachers as they implement these new courses; each CoP will meet regularly during the school year in sessions facilitated by a peer Team Leader and will be supported in their efforts by a group of regional Course Trainers (8 each for math and English). It’s fair to say that many teachers showed up in Wenatchee uncertain about what they were getting into with these courses, and perhaps a little nervous, but the post-event evaluations suggest that almost all of the teachers gained a great deal of confidence about the courses as a result of the training and on the whole feel ready to go in terms of starting the year!