Bridge to College as Graduation Pathway to College and Career Readiness

With the passing of HB 1599 by this year’s Legislature, Washington students beginning with the Class of 2020 no longer have to meet standard on the high school Smarter Balanced assessment as a graduation requirement. Instead, they need to complete one or more “pathway” alternatives in their last two years of high school (see the link above for the list of options). The good news is that the Bridge to College Math and English courses qualify as pathway options for students; both courses are great options for students think they want to pursue college after high school but aren’t sure they’re fully ready to tackle college-level work. If your school/district doesn’t offer Bridge to College, check with your district iGrants coordinator to register to offer the courses (Form package 719), or contact Sally Zeiger Hanson, project manager for Bridge to College (, 360-704-1055).